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  • San Jose De Las Matas Flag

    Aqui les presentamos el primer diseño de la bandera de San Jose de las Matas. Luego de haber investigado y evaluado varios diseños de diferentes banderas del Mundo. El, diseño esta en consideracion los pricipales elementos que nos Representan como materos.

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    The race for the Democratic presidential nomination has gotten more interesting in the past two months with the emergence of Barack Obama as the clear contender to Hillary Clinton. Obama’s articulated program is extremely vague and hardly to the left of Clinton’s, but his campaign rhetoric is much more radical -- “Change” seems to be his main slogan. Probably more important, the possibility of electing the first Black man president of the country seems to have inspired more enthusiasm than the chance of electing the first woman.

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  • In Memoriam Lisa Gayle July 4,1950-January 30, 2009

    Lisa Gayle, a friend and well-wisher of the Utopian, passed away in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on Friday, January 30, at age 58. We all knew and grew to deeply appreciate Lisa over our years together in the Revolutionary Socialist League (1973-1989). Lisa was buried in Ann Arbor on Monday, February 2. Mourning her loss were her husband, Mike, their son, Jacob, Lisa’s mother, and other family members. Joining them in remembrance of a life rich in humor, an intense commitment to social justice, and a deep spiritual sense of liberation were numerous individuals who had come to know and to love her over the years as a student, autoworker, nurse, teacher, mother, and revolutionary.

    One anarchist comrade, upon learning of her death, related that when he was a young man in the mid-1990s in Detroit, Lisa had told him that her contribution as a militant in the automobile might have been small, but that the impact of this experience and of her coworkers on her was enormous. He spoke of Lisa’s warmth and honesty. Honest she was, but it was a sweet and straightforward type of honesty, honest without being harsh.


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  • The Leadership Crisis of the US Ruling Class, Part II

    Aug 5, 2011

    In last year’s issue of The Utopian, I wrote about the leadership crisis plaguing the ruling class of the United States.... While the leadership crisis may not have been obvious last summer, it has become blazingly clear since then.

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