Content of The Utopian Vol. 4 - 2004

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  • Alcarajo, Manifiesto contra el Acuerdo de Libre Comercio de las Américas | Against the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas

    Aug 2, 2004

    El Fondo Monetario Internacional y el Banco Mundial asfixian a la Humanidad con demandas implacables, legitimadas por gobiernos corruptos y lacayos, que siguiendo sus designios, oprimen y explotan a nuestr@s herman@s de clase a lo largo y ancho de América.

    The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are choking humanity with their relentless demands, legitimized by corrupt puppet governments, who, following their designs, oppress and exploit our class brothers and sisters throughout America.

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  • Comunicado: Los Sucesos del Salta | Communique: The Events of Salta

    Aug 2, 2004

    La represión de que han sido victimas el pueblo originario de Salta, por parte de la soldadesca brutal y criminal del Estado argentino, con ordenes terminantes de golpear, reprimir, abusar, desterrar y encarcelar a cientos de indígenas, incluyendo ancianos, mujeres y niños es un acto reprobable y deplorable por parte de las autoridades de la seudo Res-pública Argentina. Condenamos enérgicamente este acto de barbarie, que asombrosamente contemplamos y sufrimos todos los hombres y mujeres libres de la tierra y que transalda la ciudad de Salta a los tiempos de la invasión y colonización hispánica de este continente. Los abusos cometidos en este \\\"pogrom\\\" de típico estilo nazi, contra una minoría racial indefensa, no solo es un crimen contra la Argentina sino también contra la Humanidad.

    The repression against the aboriginal people of Salta, carried out by the brutal and criminal military of Argentina, with orders to beat, abuse, banish and jail hundreds of indigenous individuals, including old people, women and children, is a reprehensible and deplorable act on the part of the pseudorepublic of Argentina.We vehemently condemn this act of barbarism, which astounds all free men and women of the land and is a throwback to the time of the Spanish invasion and colonization of this continent. The abuses committed against a defenseless racial minority in this Nazi-style pogrom is not only a crime against Argentina but also a crime against Humanity.

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  • Solidaridad con el pueblo de Cuba, no con Castro | Solidarity with the People of Cuba, Not with Castro

    Aug 2, 2004

    La Federación Sindical Mundial (FSM) y la dictadura fascista de Castro, tienen el cinismo de llamar a constituir un Frente Internacional Antifascista. Cómo se atreve a hablar de antifascismo la última dictadura fascista de América Latina. Cómo se atreve la FSM a hablar de sindicalismo antifascista desde La Habana, bastión del último sindicato vertical a la usanza del dictador Francisco Franco.

    The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFT) and Castro\\\'s fascist dictatorship in Cuba reveal their cynicism with their recent call to establish an International Anti- Fascist Front. How does the last fascist dictatorship in Latin America dare to speak of anti-fascism!

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  • Declaración de Principios | Declaration of Principles

    Aug 2, 2004

    Como ha sido siempre un deber ineludible, consecuentes con nuestros principios y acuerdos, l@s anarquistas y anarcosindicalistas cuban@s, fuimos y somos, luchador@s sin tregua por la libertad, la justicia social y el socialismo libertario.

    Since it has always been an inescapable duty, consistently with our principles and agreements, the Cuban anarchists and anarcho-syndicalists have been, and are in a struggle without respite for liberty, social justice and libertarian socialism.

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  • Trotsky, Jesus, and Buddha Remembering the '60s

    Aug 2, 2004

    It was early October, 1966. I had just returned to the “Windy City” to begin my second year at the University of Chicago. The previous spring, I had helped organize and had taken part in an anti-war/anti-draft sit-in in the school’s administration building that had tied up the campus for five days and had made the New York Times and national TV. I was looking forward to getting something like that going again. This made up for what I expected would be another unspeakable Chicago winter, as well as the stifling spiritual atmosphere (smug hypocrisy) of the U of C as an institution.

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  • Trip to Oaxaca

    Aug 2, 2004

    My heart races as we finally approach San Martín Peras, home of the “Cloud People.” This is a place few “Americans” can even visualize, much less visit. It took two airplanes and most of the day to reach Oaxaca City (a place I once found exotic), and where I was first thrilled by visiting the surrounding indigenous artisan villages.

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  • War and Civil Rights: The Negro Quarterly, 1942-43

    Aug 2, 2004

    A little over sixty years ago, African Americans faced the question of how to respond to World War II.Most felt there were strong reasons for supporting the war; the question was whether one should concentrate singlemindedly on victory, putting aside all other concerns “for the duration,” or should continue to fight for civil rights during the war. After some inevitable initial confusion broad sections of the African American public came round to the second view, despite inconsistent leadership on the national level and opposition by some major leadership groups. This response was a step toward establishing a politically independent African American movement and toward the emergence of the civil rights movement in the 1950s.

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  • Libertarian Marxism's Relation to Anarchism

    Aug 2, 2004

    The current world-wide revival of anarchism is premised on the decline of Marxism. Yet there remains a strand of Marxism (libertarian or autonomist Marxism) to which anarchists often feel close and whose followers often express a closeness to anarchism. Its libertarian-democratic, humanist, and anti-statist qualities permit anarchists to use valuable aspects of Marxism (such as the economic analysis or the theory of class struggle). Yet it still contains the main weaknesses of Marxism. And in certain ways it has the same weaknesses of much of anarchism, rather than being an alternative. This version of Marxism has much to offer anarchists but remains fundamentally flawed, as I will argue.

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  • The Dialectics of Ambiguity: The Marxist Theory of History

    Aug 2, 2004

    After some years of study and consideration, I eventually concluded that [my previous] position was untenable. Rather than seeing the establishment of totalitarian, state capitalist (Communist) systems as the negation of Marxism, I came to believe that these societies in fact represented its fulfillment, although this had not been explicitly perceived, let alone advocated, by Marxist ideologists. As a result of reaching this conclusion, while still maintaining my opposition to capitalism and advocating the establishment of a liberated society, I became attracted to anarchism. I was particularly drawn to its hostility to the state and its opposition (in contrast to Marxism) to utilizing a state apparatus to achieve its goal. I was also intrigued by its understanding of hierarchy, which subsumes questions of class, national, racial and sexual oppression under a broader category without insisting on the primacy/determining nature of any one of them. Lastly, I was impressed by what I believe to be implied by anarchism (if not always consistently adhered to by anarchists themselves): a philosophical skepticism that repudiates the belief in the Truth of any one political/philosophical orthodoxy, in other words, its commitment to a form of ideological pluralism.

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  • ¿Quienes somos? | Who Are We?

    Oct 9, 2009

    The aim of the Cuban Libertarian Movement (CLM) is to encourage revolutionary antiauthoritarian activism in Cuba, in particular, and on the American continent, in general, with the goal of creating a more effective anarchist movement that can actively participate both in the current struggle of the workers for control over their lives and in the international counter cultural resistance. El Movimiento Libertario Cubano, intenta articular e incrementar el activismo revolucionario antiautoritario en Cuba, de manera particular y en el continente americano en general, con el objetivo de construir un movimiento anarquista más efectivo que participe activamente en las luchas del movimiento real de l@s oprimid@s por el control de sus vidas y en la resistencia contracultural internacional.

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