Content of The Utopian Vol. 17.2 - 2018

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  • Perspectives on the U.S. Economy

    Mar 19, 2018

    Precisely how long the current expansion will continue and when the next recession will begin is anyone’s guess. The expansion is already the second longest of any since World War II. Since it was, for a variety of reasons, very slow to pick up momentum, it may well continue for some time. However, given the short-term “disproportionalities” mentioned above and the more fundamental “structural” problems of the economy (among them, the failure of our educational system to prepare the poorer layers of the working class to find work in the contemporary economy, the wide and increasing gap between the 20% at the top of our society and everybody else, and the decay of the country’s infrastructure), I don’t see how a recession can be avoided in the relatively near future.

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  • The Utopian March 2018 Title and Contents

    Cover and Contents of our March 2018 issue, vol. 17, no. 2. Analysis and discussion on the U.S. econonmy, the future of the world economy, guns and violence, and more.

    For earlier issues see Updates and New Discussion (vol. 17 no. 1, January 2018) and Archives.

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  • Whither Global Capitalism?

    Mar 19, 2018

    Haven't we been here before? I mean: no competition; stagnation; da-da-da-da -- then under the auspices of Messrs. Baran and Sweezy. Then whoops -- along came the microelectronics revolution, and small fry starting up businesses in their homes and garages that swelled to gigantic size. Some -- e.g., Apple, with its world-leading stock market valuation, are now the very monsters now cited as strangling competition. I don't think that we're witnessing the end of history -- i.e., I anticipate that there will be new breakthroughs (technological and otherwise) and renewed growth (although likely there will be one or more bubble burstings in the interim).

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  • Guns and Violence

    Mar 19, 2018

    Young people are the most likely segment of our society to look at the deeper issues involved in gun violence/school shootings. Comments from high school students that I have heard to date frequently raise questions about society's values, the apparent dysfunction, if not corruption, of government officials, the fact that young people are not afforded a meaningful voice, etc.... I think it would be a mistake to allow the gun control issue to cut us off from being in solidarity with a youth movement, were it to develop. I welcome others' thoughts.

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  • Utopian Who We Are Statement March 2018 Issue

    Mar 19, 2018

    This paradoxical situation – a society in obvious decay but without a mass movement to challenge it fundamentally – is, we hope, coming to an end. As new movements develop, liberal-reform and Marxist ideas will show new life, but so have utopian and libertarian ideas. We work with this in mind. Among other things, revolutionary anarchist and libertarian socialist theory very much needs further development, including its critique of Marxism, and its ideas about mass struggles, democratic and socialist theory, and popular culture. And we need to reinvigorate the ideals of anarchism/libertarian socialism and the threads in today’s world that may, if we can find them and follow them, lead to a future worth dying for and living in.

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