Content of The Utopian Vol. 16.3 - 2017

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  • The Utopian Vol. 16 no. 3 March 2017

    Mar 11, 2017

    Cover and Contents for our March 2017 issue, vol. 16 no. 3. Statements and discussion focusing on the deportation crisis, the May 1 Day of National Protest, and the prospects for change.

    For earlier issues see Updates and New Discussion (Vol. 16 no. 2, February 2017) and Archives.

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  • End the Deportations! (Draft Statement by The Utopian Tendency)

    Mar 11, 2017

    We support the building of a mass movement to take the following actions:

    Support families under attack!

    End the raids!

    Strengthen immigrant organizations!

    Amnesty and Full Citizenship For All! For an Open Border!

    Unite the movement! One for all and all for one!

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  • Commentary and Discussion

    Mar 24, 2023

    It's a mistake to judge Trump by the standards of conventional politics. Those who judged him that way in the election campaign were way off. He is pursuing the same strategy now -- or, perhaps, Bannon is pursuing it, since I think that Bannon is the strategist. They are trying to create facts on the ground, pushing hard to lock down as much as they can as fast as they can. Despite the resistance and turmoil they create, they will push on as long as they can. They may unravel, but I don't think that will happen in the immediate future.

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  • Optimism...Pessimism?

    Mar 11, 2017

    At least in the circles I am a part of, everyone is very depressed and pessimistic, mostly expecting defeats. (Everyone is in their 30s, still active in some form) Protests are expected, but nothing on a scale or militancy to stop Trump's policies....

    [In response] I think there are reasons for at least guarded optimism vis a vis the existing anti-Trump resistance. I think it has momentum and is likely to last, at least for a while. When people see what the Republicans have in store to amend or replace the ACA, I believe even more people will get angry, and at least some of them will get active.... Also, the ruling elite is not united behind Trump. Quite the contrary, many sectors are opposed to significant facets of his program, e.g., immigration, import taxes, tearing up trade deals, attack on transgender right, etc.

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  • Utopian Principles Statement: Who We Are

    Mar 11, 2017

    But beyond these specifics, we are talking about something familiar to everyone, although difficult to get a handle on. In small ways, every day, people live by cooperation, not competition. Filling in for a co-worker, caring for an old woman upstairs, helping out at AA meetings, donating and working for disaster relief – people know how to live cooperatively on a small scale. What we don’t know, and no one has found a blueprint for, is how to live cooperatively on a national and international scale – even on the scale of a mass political movement. Nobody has described how the society we want will look, or how to get it, though we know what it will be – a society where people are free to be good.

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