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  • The Utopian, Vol. 16, No. 1

    Cover and Contents for our January 1, 2017 issue (Vol. 16 no. 1). Contents include: Strategy for the Anti-Trump Movement; Report from Standing Rock; Activist Reports; Commentary on the U.S. elections; Dialogues on strategy and tactics; and notices of important articles and books.

    For earlier issues see Updates and New Analysis (Vol. 15. no. 3, Dec. 1, 2016) and Archives.

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  • Strategy for the Anti-Trump Movement

    Jan 8, 2017

    We support the actions of all those fighting against President-elect Donald Trump and everything he and his administration stand for. We seek to expand the movement by reaching out to working people and oppressed members of our society, in workplaces, communities, schools, hospitals, churches, and other economic and social institutions. We seek to build a movement that is militant and uses tactics of direct action—picket lines, strikes, sit-ins, occupations, blockades, marches and mass demonstrations. We encourage coordination of struggles into one powerful movement.

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  • Report from Standing Rock

    Jan 8, 2017

    The camp was an illustration of peaceful anarchy in action. There were few broad organizational efforts. Messages of the day were taped to the doors of the port-a-potties, announced at the sacred fire or passed on by word of mouth. None were compelled in any way to look for a “job” around camp but all of the niches were filled nonetheless. The Legal Collective “appeared” as did the medical tents and practitioners from MDs, massage therapists, psychologists and more. Water was delivered daily to 2 thousand gallon tanks and was free to all. Donated food was prepared in volunteer facilities hot, free meals prepared daily. Donated firewood was trucked in, bucked and split and stockpiled. A total experience and connection unlike I’d ever known and one that I can see scaled up to larger communities.

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  • Activist Reports--Anti-Trump Activities

    Mar 24, 2023

    Last week I went to the initial meeting of Labor Rising Against Trump Bay Area. There were a little over 30 people there.... All of us came out of mutual and equal interest, yet it is important to acknowledge and build such a cross-sectoral and cross-generational organizing space to rethink together how we are going to build/re-build a rank and file, radical, independent, anti-racist/sexist, and democratic labor movement that stands for mass action and solidarity.

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  • Commentary: Not My President!

    Jan 8, 2017

    In demonstrations across the United States, protestors have raised signs saying, “Not My President!” Obviously they are not denying that state machinery has given Donald J. Trump the position of head of state and commander-in-chief of the armed forces, ruler of the mightiest and wealthiest state in the world. What they are denying is Trump’s legitimacy for the position, his moral right to claim the presidency.

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  • Articles and Books--Trump-Putin, Trump-White Workers, Millennial Jews against Trump, and more

    Jan 8, 2017

    “This Jew says no to white nationalism,” one sign read. “Silence is akin to consent,” another said, quoting the Talmud. A third displayed a lyric from a Yiddish song: “We will outlive them.” The signs, along with chants like “Donald Trump, it’s your fault; Stephen Bannon, oy gevalt!” were not only directed against Bannon, the president-elect’s choice for chief strategist. As hundreds of Jewish protesters marched up Manhattan’s East Side on Nov. 20, they also targeted the Zionist Organization of America, the pro-settlement group that had invited Bannon to its gala that night. 

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  • Utopian Statement: Who We Are

    Jan 8, 2017

    Utopians do not accept “what is” as “what must be.” We see potential for freedom even in the hardest of apparent reality. Within our oppressive society are forces for hope, freedom, and human solidarity, possibilities pressing toward a self-managed, cooperative commonwealth. We don’t know if these forces will win out; we see them as hopes, as moral norms by which to judge society today, as challenges to all of us to act in such a way as to realize a fully human community.

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  • The Utopian, Vol. 16, No. 2

    Cover and Contents for our February 1, 2017 issue (Vol. 16 no. 2). Contents include: Reports and comments on Women's March (Jan. 21); commentary on developing U.S. political crisis; James Baldwin on Trump's inauguration; Trump-Putin, immigration protests, and more; Russian Revolution anniversary.

    For earlier issues see Updates and New Analysis (Vol. 16. no. 1, Jan. 1, 2017) and Archivss.

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