Content of The Utopian Vol. 11 - 2012

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  • Cover and Contents Vol 11 2012

    Sep 1, 2012

    With this issue The Utopian makes a transition to predominantly online publication, making possible a simplified but no less attractive design and enabling the use of color. Your comments are invited.

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  • Who We Are!

    Sep 1, 2012

    To look for Utopia means providing a vision for the future—of a world worth living in, of a life beyond what people settle for as experience clouds their hopes. It means insisting that hope is real, counting on human potential and dreams.

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  • Chicago Teachers Lead the Fight

    Mar 24, 2023

    Taking a major stand against school closings, privatization, large class-sizes, and high-stakes testing, the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike. In doing so, Chicago public school teachers are pitting their collective will against that of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his political allies in Chicago, Washington, DC, and throughout the country. While negotiations continue, the union’s House of Delegates authorized President Karen Lewis to give the Chicago Board of Education the required 10-day strike notice at her discretion.

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  • From Occupation to Expropriation

    Mar 24, 2023

    The ongoing Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, encampment, and related actions around the country are a significant development. These events may well be the beginning of a 1960s style movement of great potential. Because of its focus on the economic crisis, the financial/corporate shenanigans that contributed to it, and, most important, jobs, the movement has the potential to strike a resonant chord in the hearts of millions of people who have been  slammed by the events of the last few years and who are aching to do something about them. 

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  • The Nature of the Period

    Mar 24, 2023

    Aside from the current economic crisis, the most significant development of the period we are now in is the qualitative decrease in the global influence of the United States and western Europe. We might call this “The Decline of the West.” 

    Joint Statement

    We are excited to announce a formal relationship between the First of May Anarchist Alliance (M1) and The Utopian. Click to read full statement >>

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  • The Anarchist Method

    Sep 1, 2012


    Historically, two methods have predominated, which I will call the utopian-moral approach and the Marxist-determinist approach (neither of these terms is meant to be pejorative). I will propose a third approach, which has been called the “method of anarchism” (or “of anarchy”). 


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  • Marxist Philosophy-Part II

    Mar 24, 2023

    Integrally involved with the issues discussed in the last chapter is the question of Marxism’s attitude toward the nature of truth and the veracity of human knowledge. What is truth? What is knowledge? How much can we know? Is our knowledge certain or probable, precise or approximate? Does our knowledge give us an accurate picture of reality, does it somehow just enable us to manipulate it, or is it merely an illusion? Is reality independent of all observers or is it connected to the act of observation? Is reality even real? These are some of the questions philosophers, scientists, and other thinkers have asked and debated over the centuries.

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